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prenuptial agreement - Thorne v Kennedy

Thorne v Kennedy

The High Court’s Decision Kennedy v Thorne Ms Thorne began legal proceedings in April 2012, seeking to have a prenuptial agreement-and a similar post-nuptial agreement set aside. Thorne v Kennedy was first heard in the Federal Circuit Court in 2015, which ruled the prenuptial agreement was not valid. However, in 2016, this decision was overturned …

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financial infidelity - family law experts

16% of Married Couples Are Having “Financial Affairs”

Do you keep financial secrets from your significant other? A survey by the credit tracking company Experian states that 1 in 6 newlywed couples keep financial secrets from each other. Financial secrets include hidden bank accounts, excessive spending habits or lying about debt. Family law experts state that this so-called ‘financial infidelity’ can hurt a couple’s relationship …

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brad and angelina -

You Don’t Need to be Rich or Famous to Get a Prenup

We've all heard of the multi-million dollar Hollywood Prenups. But you don't need to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to get one. Regular Aussie couples can get them too. In Australia, we call them Binding Financial Agreements (BFA). They can protect a range of assets including property, money, shares, superannuation and even pets. Most people …

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