Financial Agreements

prenuptial agreement - Thorne v Kennedy

Thorne v Kennedy

The High Court’s Decision Kennedy v Thorne Ms Thorne began legal proceedings in April 2012, seeking to have a prenuptial agreement-and a similar post-nuptial agreement set aside. Thorne v Kennedy was first heard in the Federal Circuit Court in 2015, which ruled the prenuptial agreement was not valid. However, in 2016, this decision was overturned …

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financial infidelity - family law experts

16% of Married Couples Are Having “Financial Affairs”

Do you keep financial secrets from your significant other? A survey by the credit tracking company Experian states that 1 in 6 newlywed couples keep financial secrets from each other. Financial secrets include hidden bank accounts, excessive spending habits or lying about debt. Family law experts state that this so-called ‘financial infidelity’ can hurt a couple’s relationship …

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