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Why Trusting Justice Family Lawyers with Your Consent Order Cases Matters

Justice Family Lawyers adeptly navigate legal complexities, ensuring clear consent orders to prevent future disputes. We protect your rights, prioritising your long-term welfare and interests.

Serving as a neutral buffer, we alleviate emotional strain during discussions. Our comprehensive, enforceable orders mitigate future legal complications, sparing you from potential issues down the track.

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    What are Consent Orders

    Simply put, consent orders are generally a great outcome if you and your ex-spouse can agree on terms.

    Consent orders are a type of court order created when the involved parties have already agreed outside of court and want to formalise this agreement.

    There are no court hearings involved in consent orders.

    Instead of the court deciding on the orders, the parties draft their own and apply to the court for approval.

    Once the court accepts an application for consent orders, they become legally binding, like any other court order, and both parties must adhere to them as outlined.

    Consent orders rely on mutual agreement between you and your ex-partner.

    You can apply for consent orders at the beginning, middle, or end of a court case.

    Leaving an agreement informal poses significant risks if you and your ex have settled.

    Verbal or informal agreements can lead to problems later on.

    Misunderstandings may arise, or one side might attempt to alter the agreed terms if personal circumstances change.

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    How to Get a Consent Order

    Step 1: Agree with Your Ex-Partner

    Have a discussion and come to a mutual agreement regarding finances, property, and/or child arrangements with your ex-partner.

    Step 2: Get Legal Advice

    Reach out to a family lawyer (such as Justice Family Lawyers) to comprehend your rights and receive assistance in drafting an agreement, ensuring its fairness and comprehensiveness.

    Step 3: Prepare Documents

    Your lawyer will assist in preparing the required paperwork, guaranteeing accuracy and alignment with the agreed terms.

    Step 4: Submit to Court

    Submit the completed documents to the family court. They must be error-free and comprehensive to prevent delays or rejections.

    Step 5: Receive Final Orders

    When the court reviews and approves the submission (assuming everything is in order), you'll be granted the official consent orders, legally binding the agreed terms.

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