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Every ending is a new beginning. During this challenging transition, let us provide the understanding and expertise you deserve.
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“This team gave my partner and I the hope and expertise we needed so that his child could have a relationship with his paternal family.” – Surmeet K

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Our dedicated divorce lawyers offer personalised representation to secure the best outcomes for you. Our friendly team helps you understand your situation and achieve a fair resolution, so you can move forward with your new life. We prioritise efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution, with strong courtroom representation when necessary.

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    How Long Does Divorce Take in Australia

    1. Separation. Time – 1 year

    Live separately from your spouse for at least one year. File for divorce with the court.

    2. Application for Divorce. Time – 6 weeks.

    After being separated for one year, you will be ready to file your application for divorce. The application will need to be served on the respondent spouse at least 28 days before the divorce hearing. If the Respondent is overseas, they will need to be served 42 days before the divorce hearing.

    3. Divorce Hearing. Time – 30 days.

    You or your divorce lawyers may be required to attend court on the day of your divorce hearing. This is a day that the court has allocated to you to hear your matter.

    4. Finalised.

    You are now unmarried and your divorce has been finalised. Please ensure that you are aware that your divorce does not cover the arrangements for your children or your finances.

    We address all aspects of family law

    Your journey, our advocacy.

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    Divorce Cost

    Applying for divorce carries a filing fee of $900, although you may be eligible for a reduced filing fee. If you are making a sole application, you will need to notify your spouse that you have applied for divorce. This is called serving the application for divorce on your spouse.

    Court attendance is compulsory if you made a sole application and have children under 18. If you made a joint application, you do not have to attend court. The court may grant your divorce, dismiss your application or adjourn the case if they require further information. When the court grants your divorce, it will become final one month and one day after the court makes the order.

    If you are having difficulty serving the divorce application because you do not know the whereabouts of your ex-spouse, you can apply to the court through your divorce lawyer for an order for substituted service or an order for the dispensation of service.

    Getting a divorce usually costs between $1,920 and $2,470. The original filing fee is only $900, which is a small part of this amount. By hiring an experienced divorce lawyer, you can be sure that these costs are clear and get help through the process. In this tough time, it’s important to know all the costs up front so that you can make smart choice.



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