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We proudly show our family lawyer reviews to the public to assure you of the high quality of work that we perform on a daily basis.

Our highly trained family lawyers are experts in assisting you in cases of child custody, property settlements, wills and estates and divorce applications.

If you would like to speak to one of our lawyers, we are able to organise a chat over the phone, video conference, or face to face at one of our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Barangaroo.

34 Google Reviews
  • Lucy W. Avatar
    Lucy W.
    22/07/20 - Google

    I had both a preliminary phone and in person consult and found both to be very professional and thorough. The information I received hopefully will result in no further need for this firm but if so, I will return very happily.

    Peter S. Avatar
    Peter S.
    22/07/20 - Google

    I'm going through a difficult divorce and trying to agree on child custody arrangements with the ex partner isn't going too smoothly, sadly this is not a rare story. The staff at Justice Family Lawyers, in particular Nectaria, have... read more

    Kimberley S. Avatar
    Kimberley S.
    22/07/20 - Google

    Nectaria and Hayder have provided an overwhelming amount of support throughout my case and continue to do so. I was hesitant at contacting a legal representative at first, however once I engaged with Justice Family Lawyers there was no looking... read more

    Valuations A. Avatar
    Valuations A.
    22/06/20 - Google

    When it comes to the handling of legal matters, you could not be in better hands with Justice Family Lawyers. They are exceptionally professional, reliable and knowledgeable. The staff are an ease to work alongside and have always delivered... read more

  • Raph S. Avatar
    Raph S.
    22/02/20 - Google

    Fantastic professional welcome and advice from both Sarah & Hayder. I spoke to 3 different family lawyers in the Pennant Hills/Hornsby area and none of them gave me the confidence to proceed. Coming from a botched job from a... read more

    Yakov M. Avatar
    Yakov M.
    22/01/20 - Google

    Meeting with the team has really made me feel comfortable and at ease.Thanks to all of you

    Ori B. Avatar
    Ori B.
    22/01/20 - Google

    Great team at Justice Family Lawyers. Good advice and representation. Hayder and his team know the system, along with its flaws, and will navigate you through without fleecing you dry. They are child focused and can see you through the... read more

    MJ Avatar
    22/11/19 - Google

    Hayder and his team were extremely professional and helpful in all of my dealings with them. Very knowledgeable, efficient and great communicators with emphasis on getting what is required done. I am yet to come across a better end to... read more

  • Serkan E. Avatar
    Serkan E.
    22/11/19 - Google

    Hayder was extremely professional and amazing

    Nick M. Avatar
    Nick M.
    22/11/19 - Google

    Very informative, and got a lot of my session

    Rajiv L. Avatar
    Rajiv L.
    22/09/19 - Google

    I engaged Hayder Shkara for my family law matter for past 2 years. During this time, I found him to be very professional and an excellent communicator. The experience was not only professional but also full of empathy and... read more

    Nicky Y. Avatar
    Nicky Y.
    22/09/19 - Google

    Highly recommend if you’re after a professional and efficient lawyer

  • David C. Avatar
    David C.
    22/09/19 - Google

    The team at Justice Family Lawyers were unbelievable, I would highly recommend them to anyone. It was great that they were always calling me to keep me updated with everything which showed that they were truly committed and I wasn’t... read more

    Nas M. Avatar
    Nas M.
    22/09/19 - Google

    The team at Justice Family Lawyers are very professional and handled my case very personally. The really know how to treat you like family.

    Ali B. Avatar
    Ali B.
    22/09/19 - Google

    A well organised firm, I never felt left out and was across everything making me more comfortable and achieving the result we were aiming for. I Couldn't be happier and would highly recommend

    Harsatnam H. Avatar
    Harsatnam H.
    22/09/19 - Google

    Great organisation with professional and relevant advice. Have gone to these guys when it was needed and they provided through and knowledgeable advice. Extremely experienced and available whenever you may need them.

  • Adam B. Avatar
    Adam B.
    22/09/19 - Google

    I am a specialist immigration lawyer and from time to time I have clients who have complex family law issues. I don't hesitate to call the team at Justice Family Lawyers for advice or to refer those matters as they... read more

    Luke P. Avatar
    Luke P.
    22/09/19 - Google

    Hayder is particularly engaged to provide an effectively solution to all issues. Recommended!

    donnakosta88 Avatar
    22/09/19 - Google

    Hayder and his team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. A highlight for me was their exceptional communication skills to keep me informed and up-to-date with the status of my matter and I cannot thank them enough for their... read more

    Pelit M. Avatar
    Pelit M.
    22/09/18 - Google

    Warmly recommended. I contacted them because I needed answers to some specific legal questions. The lawyer was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I appreciated her efficient and focused communication: listening attentively, understanding the exact needs, then providing accurate & concise... read more

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