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how to win interim hearings

How to Win Interim Hearings in Court

How to Win Interim Hearings in Court Many family court cases pertaining to parenting and property se

family court changes

Family Court Merger: What you need to know about the family court changes

On September 1, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Act 2020 and the Federal Circuit a

how is debt split in divorce

How is Debt Split in Divorce?

How is debt split in divorce A divorce can be a challenging time in a person’s life. Add debts in

pexels rodnae productions 6670149 scaled - domestic abuse

COVID-19 Lockdown and Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a concern for many people in Australia, especially during lockdown. Last year, as

Coronavirus and family court orders - covid-19 and separated families

Covid-19 and Separated Families

Covid 19 and Separated Families Covid 19 has been causing massive disruptions with separated familie

separated under the same roof

Separated Under One Roof

Separated Under One Roof Is it possible to be separated and living under one roof? Yes, it is possib

drug testing

Drug Testing In The Family Court

In parenting disputes, it is common to see parents requesting drug testing in the Family Court. Drug

property settlements and inheritance

Inheritance and Divorce

In a divorce, the division of marital assets can become a highly contentious issue, especially if yo

Best Estate Lawyers in Sydney

5 Tips For Choosing the Best Estate Lawyers in Sydney

When choosing the best estate lawyers in Sydney you need to consider what your specific requirements

Changes to the Family Court System

A Comprehensive Guide to Changes to the Family Court System

Earlier this year, the Federal Government made sweeping changes to the Family Court System passing 

Can You Change the Locks on Your Husband

Can You Change the Locks on Your Husband

If you are going through a difficult marital separation and divorce, you may wonder whether you can

when is a loan considered a gift

When is a Loan Considered a Gift?

This article will explain when is a loan considered a gift and how that distinction is treated by Au

How does joint tenancy work during a divorce?

How does joint tenancy work during a divorce?

How does joint tenancy work during a divorce? In Australia, most married couples typically own prope

ex-parte application for child custody

What is an ex-parte application for child custody?

What is an ex-parte application for child custody? An order that is issued ex parte means that it i

what happens in an international divorce

What happens in an international divorce?

In Australia, an international divorce happens if one of the parties comes from a jurisdiction outsi

family provisions claims

Family Provision Claims – 9 Important Questions to Consider

Family provision claims are made when an eligible person challenges the validity of a Will from a de

What is the average cost of a custody lawyer?

What is the average cost of a custody lawyer?

When asking yourself, “what is the average cost of a custody lawyer”, in many cases, the

custody of autistic child

How to gain custody of an autistic child?

If you are wondering about how to gain custody of an autistic child, the first thing you need to con

can i withhold a child from their father

Can I Withhold a Child From their Father?

You cannot withhold a child from their father unless there are orders in place determining otherwise

can one parents stop another from seeing a child

Can one parent stop another from seeing their child?

In theory, the Family Law Act 1975 focuses upon the best interests of the child, but in reality, you

International Child Abduction Australia

Proposed Changes to International Child Abduction Australia

International Child Abduction Australia Currently, Australia has one of the highest rates of interna

child dispute conference

Child Dispute Conference – 5 Critical Points You Should Know

You may have been asked by a court or informed by your lawyer that you need to attend a Child Disput

prenuptial agreement - Thorne v Kennedy

Thorne v Kennedy

The High Court’s Decision Kennedy v Thorne Ms Thorne began legal proceedings in April 2012, seekin

Planning a Separation Checklist Australia

Separation Checklist Australia: 7 Essential steps

Separation Checklist Australia: 7 Essential steps Separating from your partner can be an overwhelmin

Can You Annul A Marriage In Australia?

Can You Annul A Marriage In Australia?

Can You Annul A Marriage In Australia?   Can you annul a marriage in Australia? Yes you can ann

bankruptcy and family trusts

Bankruptcy and family trusts

Bankruptcy and family trusts   When bankruptcy and family trusts intersect, and one of the trus

living will Sydney

Living Will Sydney

Making a Living Will Sydney If you or your partner are looking at Estate Planning, you may have been

spousal maintenance and remarriage

Spousal Maintenance Australia – Complete Guide

Spousal Maintenance in Australia   Spousal maintenance in Australia is a legal requirement unde

does a child have a say in custody

Does a child have a say in custody cases?

Does a child have a say in custody cases?   Under Australian family law, children have a right

Appointing a Legal Guardian for your Child

Appointing a Legal Guardian for your Child

Appointing a Legal Guardian for your Child in Your Will When you are estate planning, one of the mos

infidelity and divorce

Infidelity and Divorce

Infidelity and divorce – divorce entitlements after adultery? While in Hollywood films, infide

mistake in family court

Mistakes People Make in Family Court

Mistakes People Make in Family Court   With family law cases often creating a lot of stress, th

Estate planning lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer   Whether you are a young family wanting to detail your wishes or an old

social media and family law

Social Media and Family Law

Social Media and Family Law: How Facebook Can Affect Your Child Custody Case Custody cases have alwa

bankruptcy and child support

Bankruptcy and Child Support

Bankruptcy and Child Support: What You Need to Know   If you are considering declaring bankrupt

Trustee in Bankruptcy Family Law

Trustee in Bankruptcy Family Law

Trustee in Bankruptcy Family Law   During the current economic climate, more and more people ar

What does an executor of a will do

What does an executor of a Will do

What does an executor of a will do: Rights and Responsibilities   When people first start discu

women s white button up long sleeved shirt 1037914 - bankruptcy and family law

Bankruptcy and Family Law – My Ex Becomes Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy and Family Law: What Happens If My Ex Becomes Bankrupt?   If your ex becomes bankrup

Spouse automatically inherit

Does My Spouse Automatically Inherit Everything When I Die?

Does My Spouse Automatically Inherit Everything When I Die?   Many people who are preparing their w

Initial Contributions, Property Division and The Erosion Principle

Initial Contributions, Property Division and The Erosion Principle

Divorce, Property Division and The Erosion Principle If you are looking to get a divorce, you may ha

family violence international relocation

Family Violence In Parenting Proceedings

If the court is to find that there has been a history of family violence, is it relevant to current



儿童最佳利益是什么? 目录 儿童最佳利益是什么? 儿童的最佳利益 家庭法



子女监护抚养律师 目录 子女监护抚养律师 在澳大利亚的子女监护抚养律师



如何离婚? 目录 1 如何离婚? 如何离婚 递交离婚申请后会发生什么? 离婚

long distance relationship with a child

Can A Long Distance Relationship With A Child Be Meaningful?

The Full Court made a recent decision that a long distance relationship with a child and a father co

my ex claim my inheritance

Can My Ex Claim My Inheritance

Can my ex claim my inheritance? If you receive an inheritance over the course of your relationship,

discrete property list

Discrete Property List Comes To Sydney

The Federal Circuit Court in Sydney has introduced the ‘Discrete Property List’ designed

capital gains tax and family law property settlement

Capital Gains Tax And Family Law

When going through a property settlement, you should understand how capital gains tax and family law

divorce on earth

Divorce on Earth, Crime in space

When Summer Worden noticed that her estranged spouse still seemed to know things about her spending,

international family law Australia

International Family Law Australia

When it comes to international family law, Australia has an interesting and complicated legal system

family law disclosure

Family Law Disclosure

Family law legislation in Australia is designed to make the court process as quick and smooth as pos

step-parent adoption

Step-Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption is the process by which a person becomes the legal adoptive parent of their spo

overseas court orders

How To Register Overseas Court Orders

It is quite common for couples to get married overseas and to initiate divorce proceedings overseas.

family law for the future

Family Law For The Future

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s Family Law for the Future report on the current family

remarriage and parenting orders

Remarriage And Parenting Orders

Remarriage and parenting orders need to be considered together once you have tied the knot a second

major long-term issues

Major Long-Term Issues

Major long-term issues are the big decisions that parents have to make about their children’s live

parenting plan

What Is A Parenting Plan?

What is a parenting plan? A parenting plan is a written, signed and dated agreement between two form



离异母亲的权利 目录 1离异母亲的权利 1.1 母亲在离婚中的权利 1.2 家庭法修

miscarriage of justice

“Miscarriage Of Justice” in Federal Circuit Court

The Family Court has slammed a Federal Circuit Court judge’s decision to imprison a man for up to

how to speed up family law cases

How To Speed Up Family Law Cases

If you are wondering how to speed up family law cases, you are not alone. The family law court syste

changing the child's primary carer

Changing The Child’s Primary Carer

Stability and routine are important in a child’s life, especially a young child, but sometimes the

short marriage property settlement

What Is A Short Marriage Property Settlement?

What Is A Short Marriage Property Settlement? A short marriage property settlement is going to be ve

child abduction

Investigating A Nationwide Child Abduction Ring

Seven people have so far been charged for their involvement in a parental child abduction ring. Earl

pet custody

Pet Custody: How Does It Work?

Updated July 2021. Many couples may find it easy to divide ownership of simple properties like fridg

should divorce be illegal

Should Divorce Be Illegal?

Where Is Divorce Illegal?  Should divorce be illegal? There are two countries in the world where it

de facto rights

What Are De Facto Rights?

Worrying about de facto rights can leave unmarried couples feeling far less certain than their marri

gifts in property settlements

Gifts and Divorce

Dividing marital assets at the end of a relationship can be quite straightforward, but how do the co

revenge porn during divorce

Victims Of Revenge Porn During Divorce

Something no one wants to think about is what would happen if they became a victim of revenge porn d

divorce and business

Divorce and Business

Divorce can be hard enough without it involving your business and livelihood. For many Australian co

changing your surname after divorce

Name Change After Divorce

Getting a name change after divorce reverses the tradition of a married couple having the same name.

gay divorce

Gay Divorce In Australia

Gay Divorce in Australia Since achieving marriage equality, Australian same-sex couples can marry an

amicable divorce

How To Have An Amicable Divorce

An amicable divorce might seem like an oxymoron, but it does not have to be an unattainable myth. Di

divorced parent enrolling a child at school

Divorced Parent Enrolling A Child At School

As a divorced parent enrolling a child at school, there are several things to be aware of that you w

independent children's lawyer

What Does The Independent Children’s Lawyer Do?

What does the independent children’s lawyer do? For parenting matters that are in the Family Court

best family lawyer

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Family Lawyer

How Do You Find The Best Family Lawyer Choosing the best family lawyer during your divorce is very i

family report

How Does The Court Use A Family Report?

What is a family report? A family report is a document written by a professional to help the judge d

parental alienation

What Is Parental Alienation?

Parental Alienation Australia Parental alienation is the term used to describe when one parent delib

family court

Family Court Merging To Reduce Delays

The Attorney-General today announced major changes in relation to the Family Court merging to reduce

international relocation

International Relocation

What Is International Relocation? Many people move to different countries at different stages of the

domestic violence

Domestic Violence: Mother Loses Custody

The case of Corwin & Corwin [2018] FamCAFC 83 (26 April 2018) is an extremely complicated one in

hague convention

Hague Convention And Child Abduction

What Is The Hague Convention? The Hague Convention creates an agreement between multiple countries t

expensive divorce

Who Gets The $637 Million Superyacht?

The seizure of a $637 million superyacht is part of an absurdly expensive divorce in London. The yac

child custody and religion

Child Custody and Religion

Who Decides A Child’s Religion? Australia is an incredibly multicultural society made up of pe

appeal to the family court

Father Loses Appeal – Contact Limited To 2 Letters A Year

A father has lost an appeal to the family court that will now limit his contact with his children to

family home after separation

The Right To Stay In the Family Home After Separation

When Your Ex Won’t Move Out It is easy to think of separation as exactly that: a breakdown of the

co parenting

6 Child Custody Agreements That May Work For You

Life moves differently from the way it did even one decade ago. Australian couples marry later, have

barnaby -

The Politician, the Wife and the Partner

A man has an affair with a woman he met at work. He was married to his estranged wife for twenty-fou

divorce lawyers

Family Lawyers Blasted By Judge For Charging $860k In Fees

A Tasmanian Family Court judge has released a damning judgment reprimanding two lawyers from opposin

financial divorce advice

Divorce Financial Advice

Divorce financial advice needs to be received as close to separation as possible in order for it to

walk away separate property

Court Refuses To Split Property After Breakdown Of 5 Year Marriage

A court declared that a husband and wife were to walk away with their own property after the breakdo

pay back child support

Mum Ordered To Pay Back $4,142.73 In Child Support

A Mother has been ordered to pay back $4,142.73 in child support as it was discovered that she had k

gay divorce - first gay divorce

The First Gay Divorce In Australia

9 December 2017 was a historic day for Australian Family Law: same-sex marriage was legalised in Aus

age of marriage is relevant

The Age You Get Married Is Important To Avoid Divorce

If you have been wondering what age is the best to get married to avoid divorce, you’re in luc

Relocation of child

Father Loses Appeal To Keep Child Within A 40min Drive Of His Home

A father has lost his appeal to stop his child from moving outside of a 40-minute driving radius of

waiting for divorce -

Australian Couple Spends 12 Years In Divorce Court

Every year, 97 000 Australians ask their partner for a divorce. This means 1 in 3 married couples ar

split assets -

Post Separation Inheritance To Be Shared By Divorced Couple

Mr Calvin and Ms McTier were in a relationship that lasted approximately eight years. In January 201

court decision family court australia 1 -

Family Court Decision – One Mother’s Severe Lesson In Co-Parenting

Updated 11 August 2021   In the case of Ralton v Ralton, the parties, Mr and Mrs Ralton, were i

001 - family law orders

Disclosure For Financial Orders

After separation, a former couple usually needs to sort out the division of their assets and debts.

rolling dice - family law experts

People In This Career Have The Lowest Divorce Rate

If you don’t want to get divorced, then enrol yourself in actuary studies. Actuaries, whose job is

FL dispute - family law divorce

26 Months In Court For A 19 Month Marriage

One Melbourne couple together spent over $225,000 over a 26-month period in Court disputing settleme

Domestic violence - family law court case

Accused of Domestic Violence in a Family Law Court Case

We hear of cases where one person threatens the other person that they will accuse them of being vio

vaccine child 2 -

What If Your Ex Doesn’t Want Your Children Vaccinated?

What If Your Ex Doesn’t Want Your Children Vaccinated? Separated parents may have disagreement

pexels photo 166626 - facs has taken my baby

FACS Has Taken My Baby!

Updated 21 July 2021 FACS is now called the Department of Community Justice or DCJ. When referring t

trampoline - family law guide

School Holidays For Separated Parents

School Holidays For Separated Parents Most parents agree that children will spend time with both par

financial infidelity - family law experts

16% of Married Couples Are Having “Financial Affairs”

Do you keep financial secrets from your significant other? A survey by the credit tracking company E

facebook heartbroken - family law divorce

Does Facebook Prevent Or Assist Cheating?

Zuckerberg has previously made a claim that Facebook actually helped expose cheaters. He said that w

overseas development upload1 - family law process

Australian Couple Separating Overseas

With the world becoming more interconnected and globalised, it is not uncommon for a family to reloc

break family court orders

What Happens When You Break Family Court Orders?

The Courts have to ensure that their decisions are enforced and are never happy when you break famil

reduce the asset pool

Transferring Property To Reduce The Asset Pool

After separation, a party may attempt to reduce the asset pool before they are going to divide the m

plebescite dividng australia -

$160 Million Dollars cost of Plebiscite whilst Family Law System is in crisis

Rosie Batty, 2015 Australian of the year, has renewed her push for a Royal Commission into Australia

family court bias against Fathers in Australia

“The Family Law System Discriminates Against Fathers”

“The Family Law System Discriminates Against Fathers” These are the words of Mick Clarke

rabbi - religious divorce

Family Court Denies Jewish Man’s Request For Religious Divorce

Family Court of Australia refuses Jewish divorce plea application saying that granting a religious d

newcastle family court

Attorney General criticised for mixed messages on domestic violence

The judicial system is no stranger to complaints regarding the amount of time it takes for cases to

darth vader 1 -

Father Wanted to Name Baby After Star Wars Character Darth Vader

Two parents told the Family Court of Australia that the father wanted to call their son “Vader

george brandis -

The Biggest Shakeup in Family Law in 40 Years

Hidden away in the latest budget was a review of the Family Court system. Funding was given to estab


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