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Letter of Wishes | Justice Family Lawyers

Letter of Wishes

Letter of Wishes Australia: What It Is and How to Write One In estate planning, one’s wishes regarding the distribution of assets are generally stated

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Undue Influence | Justice Family Lawyers

Undue Influence

Undue Influence: A Legal and Psychological Threat to Property, Autonomy, and Identity In a world where influence is ever-present, it’s vital to understand when influence

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Codicil of Will | Justice Family Lawyers

Codicil of Will

Codicil of Will in Australia: How to Make Changes to Your Will A will is necessary to ensure that your assets and possessions are distributed

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Power of Attorney Abuse | Justice Family Lawyers

Power of Attorney Abuse

What is Power of Attorney Abuse and How to Prevent It In our increasingly complex legal and financial landscape, powers of attorney are essential in

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Blended Family Wills | Justice Family Lawyers

Blended Family Wills

Deciphering the Complexity: 5 Crucial Aspects of Blended Family Wills You Need to Know What Do Blended Family Wills Mean? Blended family wills refer to

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living will sydney

Living Will Sydney

Making a Living Will Sydney If you or your partner are looking at Estate Planning, you may have been advised to think about making a

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