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“I’ve been a client of Ananya Singh from Justice Family Lawyers for the last 2 years as I was trying to gain fair and substantial time with my boys. I can not recommend Ananya highly enough” – Brendan Greenwood

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Our firm has an exceptional track record in resolving cases outside the courtroom, complemented by over 147 online reviews with an impressive 4.8-star average.

This reputation has solidified our standing as a trusted legal entity within the Australian community.

Additionally, our child custody lawyers are often sought after as authoritative figures in family law, regularly featured on TV and radio.

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    How to get more time with your child as a father

    How to Get Child Custody

    Demonstrate Your Involvement:

    Show your active involvement in your child’s life. This could include participation in school activities, involvement in medical decisions, or demonstrating a consistent routine at home.

    Provide Evidence of a Stable Environment:

    Evidence that you can provide a stable, nurturing environment for your child can be pivotal in custody proceedings. This might include providing a safe home, consistent routines, and meeting the child’s educational needs.

    We address all aspects of family law

    Your journey, our advocacy.

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    Child Custody Lawyers Assisting With Visitation

    When a relationship breaks down, communication between the parents becomes difficult and the children can be used as tools to manipulate the other party.

    If you have been denied access to your children in Australia, there are different options available to you depending on your situation.


    No Court Orders

    You will need to attend family mediation, or, if the matter is urgent or family mediation has failed, you can speak to child custody lawyers about starting an Initiating Application in the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court.


    With Court Orders

    You can try and attend a dispute resolution centre to have a mediator try and resolve the problem.

    Finally, if this doesn’t work, you will need to get a certificate from the mediator saying that you made a genuine attempt to resolve the matter but no solution could be made.

    You then need to file the certificate with a Contravention Application stating that the other parent has breached the original Court Orders. The court will then look at the breach and could potentially enforce the Orders and punish the other parent for breaking them.

    How to get more time with your child as a father

    How to Keep Your Legal Costs Low

    The average cost of a custody lawyer is directly related to the complexity of your case and the degree of animosity between the parties seeking custody of the children. If you are just squabbling over drop off and pick up times during handovers and a few hours here and there, your legal fees may range from $5,000 to $10,000 and this would presumably include making final parenting orders and agreeing on child support. Again, this is where both parties are working harmoniously to achieve a common and hopefully, agreed upon goal.
    Unfortunately, in custody disputes, this level of harmoniousness is rarely the case. Generally speaking, to hire a custody lawyer in Australia you can look at hourly rates from as low as $350 an hour to $650 or more. When engaging a custody lawyer you will also be charged for work performed by support staff such as paralegals as well as any court filing fees, which can be substantial. Court and filing fees could be around $1000, but this varies from state to state. You will also be charged each time you telephone or email your lawyer for advice so try and only do this when absolutely necessary. If you cannot agree on a settlement and parenting orders you will need to take the other party to court and this is where your costs will shoot up
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    Very prompt, knowledgeable & helpful. A pleasure to speak with.
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    Justice Family Law was prompt and efficiently answered my questions during my initial enquiry providing me with confidence to participate in a 10 min complementary appointment with a solicitor on the same day. Following this appointment I happy with JFL enough to begin proceedings.
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    Dean Davies
    Expertise, clarity and professionalism when needed. Appreciated and Valued.
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    David Robinson
    I received excellent legal representation. Juliana’s and Monique’s professionalism is remarkable, along with their knowledge and execution of the law. With this being, not only a very difficult situation, but it was also an extremely sensitive and emotional time in my life and Monique handled this case from beginning to end with what I would consider perfection in every aspect. Highly recommend !! 🤗🤗😊 Thanks, J Yousef
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    Ver helpful and friendly staff. I talked to one of their representatives. It was very helpful talking to them.
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    Thanks Julianne for providing best services for our case. She answered all of my questions timely. She provided best possible legal advice for our case. We get the best outcome.☺️
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