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Should I Get a Lawyer for Child Support?

Justice Family Lawyers helps craft detailed support plans, considering future needs—like education and healthcare—ensuring your child won’t face unexpected financial hardships.

We advocate for your child’s right to receive fair support, navigate complex legal pathways, and promote financial stability for your child’s upbringing, entitlements and educational needs

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    What is child support?

    Child support refers to one parent providing financial assistance to the other to cover child-related expenses. In Australia, this system ensures that children continue to receive the necessary financial support and care following their parents’ separation.

    Typically, the ‘payer’ is the parent who provides financial support, while the ‘payee’ receives and allocates these funds for the child’s expenses. Often, the parent who spends less time with the child becomes the payer, ensuring the child’s needs are met while under the primary caregiver’s care.

    A parent must also qualify as a resident under the Income Tax Assessment Act or be a resident in a designated overseas jurisdiction.

    Fundamentally, child support aims to protect a child’s well-being and maintain their quality of life. It serves as a crucial link, guaranteeing that a child’s essential needs are met even if one parent is absent or has reduced presence.

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    How child support works?

    Administration by DHS

    The child support scheme is administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

    Payment Calculation

    A formula is employed, taking into account the income of both parents and the expenses associated with raising children in Australia. This formula also acknowledges the non-financial contributions made by both parents, including childcare responsibilities.

    Choose Payment Method

    Payments can be made either privately, directly from one parent to the other, or through the DHS. When processed through the DHS, they collect the payment from one parent and then transfer it to the other.

    Request Assessment Adjustmentt

    If a parent believes that the formula's outcome is inaccurate and doesn't accurately represent their circumstances, they can apply to the DHS to request a review of their child support payment assessment.


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    I received excellent legal representation. Juliana’s and Monique’s professionalism is remarkable, along with their knowledge and execution of the law. With this being, not only a very difficult situation, but it was also an extremely sensitive and emotional time in my life and Monique handled this case from beginning to end with what I would consider perfection in every aspect. Highly recommend !! 🤗🤗😊 Thanks, J Yousef
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    Ver helpful and friendly staff. I talked to one of their representatives. It was very helpful talking to them.
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    Thanks Julianne for providing best services for our case. She answered all of my questions timely. She provided best possible legal advice for our case. We get the best outcome.☺️
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    Harpreet Bawa was knowledgeable, efficient, and explained difficult scenarios clearly and patiently. A very experienced professional who was able to get the best outcome possible.
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    Justice family Lawyers are a professional and very knowledgeable law firm with a great understanding of family law, my particular case was very difficult as both sides had completely different views on what was fair and reasonable and we had been trying to negotiate a deal for over 2 years before I engaged JFL to assist, Laila was the lawyer appointed to my case, actually basket case would be a better description. Laila put in the effort to get to know me and my position, set out a strategy to achieve a result with the best outcome for me at the least legal costs possible, her determination and focus on this goal was the reason it was achieved. I never once felt I was not being kept up to date, i was always treated with respect in a courteous manner and Laila made sure I had a full understanding of all the correspondence between the two parties, she created a environment where I felt completely comfortable asking any questions I had or providing her with sensitive information to assist her understanding and to strengthen our case I can highly recommend JFL and in particular Laila, she is an excellent lawyer that acted with integrity and professionalism at all times, in my opinion she is a credit to her profession and I still don’t know how she managed to get the result she did, however if you are in need of a family law legal person to represent you, you couldn’t go past this firm, my only regret is that I didn’t engage JFL from day one of my separation, it would of saved a lot of frustration and time. Regards Tim
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