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Embrace a fresh start with fair settlements tailored to your present and future needs Embrace a fresh start with fair settlements tailored to your present and future needs
Property Settlement

“Justice Family Lawyers has the top service of all the firms I consulted, Carlos really thinks and advise in the best interest of clients, very friendly and patient” – Lucas Jiang

Best Property Settlement Lawyers in Sydney

 At Justice Family Lawyers, we approach property division with sensitivity, understanding the emotional toll it takes.

Our property settlement lawyers bring in-depth knowledge and strategic insight to secure fair outcomes. We highly value open and clear communication, ensuring you stay informed and confident throughout the process.

Our dedicated support remains steadfast from start to finish, simplifying complex legal phases for you. With a focus on comprehensive settlements, we safeguard your long-term interests and financial security, providing future-focused solutions.

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    How to Divide Property in a Divorce

    Engage a Property Settlement Lawyer:

    Ensure legal guidance by hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to protect your interests and navigate the complexities of property division.

    Disclose Assets and Debts:

    Both parties identify and openly disclose all assets, income, and liabilities.

    Determine Asset Values:

    Accurately assess and agree upon the value of all listed properties and assets.

    Assess Contributions and Future Needs:

    Evaluate financial and non-financial contributions from each party and consider future needs based on individual circumstances.

    Finalise Settlement:

    With legal support, reach a settlement and formalise it through court-approved consent orders or a binding financial agreement.

    We address all aspects of family law

    Your journey, our advocacy.

    Learn what steps you can take next.

    What is Property Settlement

    Property settlement under family law involves the legal process of dividing assets, liabilities, and financial resources between individuals after the end of a marriage or de facto relationship.

    This division is not automatically a 50/50 split but considers various factors, including each party’s contributions (financial, homemaking, or parenting), future needs (health, earning capacity, and overall financial circumstances), and the necessity for a fair and equitable outcome.

    Family law property settlements can be privately agreed upon between parties or mediated by legal representatives. However, they often require court approval to ensure the division is just and complies with legal standards, thereby finalising the separation aspect of these relationships.

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    How Long After Separation Can You Claim Property Australia

    In Australia, strict time limits govern property settlement claims following separation. 

    For married couples, applications for property settlement must be lodged within 12 months of the divorce order becoming final. 

    De facto couples have a two-year window from the date of separation to initiate property settlement proceedings. 

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    Justice Family Law was prompt and efficiently answered my questions during my initial enquiry providing me with confidence to participate in a 10 min complementary appointment with a solicitor on the same day. Following this appointment I happy with JFL enough to begin proceedings.
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    Expertise, clarity and professionalism when needed. Appreciated and Valued.
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    I received excellent legal representation. Juliana’s and Monique’s professionalism is remarkable, along with their knowledge and execution of the law. With this being, not only a very difficult situation, but it was also an extremely sensitive and emotional time in my life and Monique handled this case from beginning to end with what I would consider perfection in every aspect. Highly recommend !! 🤗🤗😊 Thanks, J Yousef
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    Ver helpful and friendly staff. I talked to one of their representatives. It was very helpful talking to them.
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    Thanks Julianne for providing best services for our case. She answered all of my questions timely. She provided best possible legal advice for our case. We get the best outcome.☺️
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    Harpreet Bawa was knowledgeable, efficient, and explained difficult scenarios clearly and patiently. A very experienced professional who was able to get the best outcome possible.
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