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Legal Expertise: Our seasoned AVO lawyers have extensive experience navigating the legal system, ensuring a strong case with evidence and effective communication with the prosecution for the best outcomes.

Defending Your Rights: We are dedicated to safeguarding your legal rights, preventing unfair charges or penalties, and serving as your advocate throughout the legal process.

Avoiding Severe Consequences: Breaking an AVO can result in fines, jail time, and a criminal record. Our experienced lawyers can help you avoid these repercussions by building a robust defense and negotiating with the prosecution.

Moving Forward: Accusations of domestic violence or violent crimes can be daunting. With our assistance, you can put these challenges behind you, focus on your family and future, and move forward in life.

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    application for consent orders

    AVO Court Process


    An application for an AVO can be initiated either by the individual seeking protection (applicant) or the police on behalf of the applicant.


    As soon as the application is made, a copy of it is given to the defendant (the person the order is being sought against). The copy includes the accusations and the date of the first court appearance.

    First Court Appearance

    Both sides show up to the first court date. The defendant can either agree to the AVO or object to it. They can also ask for more time to talk to a lawyer. The order can be completed without any more hearings if the defendant agrees to the AVO.


    This is a preliminary appearance to see if the parties are ready to proceed to a hearing. The parties may negotiate an outcome during this time or even agree on the terms of an AVO.

    Contested Hearing

    There will be a contested hearing if the defendant does not agree to the AVO. Both sides give their evidence at this hearing, and witnesses may be called. Following careful examination of all the facts and reasons, the magistrate or judge will choose whether to grant the AVO.

    Issuing the AVO

    If the court decides that the applicant needs protection, it will issue an AVO. This can come with certain conditions, such as the defendant not being able to touch or approach the protected person.

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    Domestic Violence Examples

    Most of the time we hear about domestic violence, we automatically think it’s regarding a physical attack where one person is hit and hurt by the other.

    Domestic Violence also includes emotional attacks or threats of violence.

    The following are some examples of domestic violence:

    • Stalking
    • Repeated derogatory comments
    • Depriving someone of freedom of movement or speech
    • Preventing someone from spending time with their friends and family
    • Holding someone an economic hostage, not supporting them financially to allow them to meet their reasonable living expenses
    • Threats of violence
    • Damaging or destroying property or animals.
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