How do I Contact Centrelink

Centrelink, which is a program of the federal government’s Department of Human Services, provides social security payments and services. If you already have an account with Centrelink, you can use their phone self-service, which is available 24 hours a day.

The number to call for self-service is 136 240. Otherwise, there are different phone numbers to call depending on the service you are enquiring about. There are different numbers to call for carer allowance, farmer assistance, crisis payments, age pension, youth allowance, etc. The operating hours vary slightly, but most Centrelink phone lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm.

The page where you can find the list of Centrelink phone numbers is here: You can send Centrelink a message online here: or send a fax on 1300 786 102.

The postal address is Centrelink, Reply Paid 7800, Canberra BC ACT 2610. If you already have an account with Centrelink, you can also contact them online through your account. The Department of Human Services has official social media accounts, which can be used to contact them to ask questions or receive updates.

There is a general Human Services account on Facebook ( and Twitter (@HumanServicesAU), and a Centrelink account on Twitter (@Centrelink). To contact Centrelink in person, you can visit a service centre near you. These centres can get very busy, so bring all relevant documents and arrive as early as possible.

You can find your nearest Centrelink Service Centre here:



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