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At Family Lawyers Parramatta, you can rest assured that our legal counsels have the relevant abilities, knowledge, and expertise, allowing you to experience the most efficient legal representation that will advocate for your rights.
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Family Law and Family Lawyers Parramatta


When family problems arise, they can quickly become quite complicated and require the intervention of a lawyer. 

Individuals are generally afraid to seek legal representation in these circumstances. 

Still, a reasonable rule of thumb is that if you’re seriously contemplating seeking legal advice, the other party is probably doing the same. You must consult our team, Family Lawyers Paramatta, the experts providing services against family disputes, as soon as possible to avoid facing a disadvantage.

Family Lawyers Parramatta is highly specialised in these legal matters and is more than qualified to handle various challenges that may emerge during the dispute hearings.  

People typically hire a family lawyer for matters involving divorce, marriage, child custody, de facto relationships, and property settlements. 

But, they can also handle more serious issues, such as Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs), Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVOs)adoption procedures, and the kidnapping of children.

These legal matters are vast and complicated, making it important to seek the assistance of Family Lawyers Parramatta. Allowing our expert lawyers to handle your legal battles will ensure things run smoothly. We are a team of experienced legal counsels who will advocate for your rights to be heard. 


Family Law Matters


Family Lawyers Parramatta’s services include representation before the Family Court and guidance on the following:

Family Lawyers Parramatta

Divorce and Separation


The Family Court considers the following three elements when establishing separation or divorce:

  • Intention of one or both parties to separate
  • Exisiting communication
  • Whether there is domestic violence that caused the separation

In addition, the date of separation can be a crucial factor in several family law outcomes. This is because the date of separation can affect whether property and maintenance actions can be initiated. It can also affect your rights in a property settlement or spousal support dispute.

Knowing your rights will help you come to peace with your ex-spouse. Talk to the Family Lawyers Parramatta. We value our client’s time and financial means. Striving to develop an agreement suitable for both parties is our top priority, for this will ensure cost-effective and timely settlements for the family. 

Learn what steps you can take next.

Property Settlement


Part VIII of the Family Law Act of 1975 allows the Court to impose financial orders regarding marriages (including null or void marriages).

Even if you are not yet divorced, you can seek the Court to issue orders for property settlement or spousal maintenance.

If a court has ruled that your marriage was, in fact, null or void from the start, you may still petition the Court for financial orders arising from that invalid marriage

Family Lawyers Parramatta
Family Lawyers Parramatta

Parenting Rights and Child Custody


An agreement regarding child custody typically accompanies parental separation. 

Understanding the most typical child custody arrangement can help navigate the process of shared parenting rights.

At Family Lawyers Parramatta, we understand how crucial it is to simplify the complexities of family law to help you make the right decisions for your family. 

Children of split parents often spend most of their time with one parent, with the other having between three and five overnight visits each fortnight. This is referred to as substantial and significant care.

Equal time is often the second most prevalent child custody arrangement, with both parents sharing equal care of a kid.

The number of nights spent with a child by each parent has no bearing on parental responsibility, which is the ability to make long-term decisions for a child.

Spousal Maintenance


Under Australia’s Family Law Act, spousal maintenance is a legal requirement.

If a spouse or de facto partner cannot fend for themselves, their ex-spouse can be obligated by the Court to support them financially.

Both partners are equally committed to assisting one another, and this obligation persists after separation and divorce.

The amount of spousal maintenance ordered by the Court relies on various criteria and is distinct from child support responsibilities.



The primary distinction between an APVO and an ADVO is that an ADVO applies solely to those in a domestic relationship.

Both are court orders enacted to protect individuals from the risks of violence and upheld by a court of law.

If you have been charged with violating an AVO, you should consult with our exceptional team of AVO lawyers at Family Lawyers Parramatta for particular legal counsel. 

The procedure for getting an AVO or ADVO differs from state to state. However, orders can be issued in any state or territory and registered for enforcement across state lines and international borders.

Family Lawyers Parramatta

De Facto Breakup Entitlements


It is essential to understand that you and your partner may be entitled to a portion of the properties you invested in before and throughout your relationship.

Since the concept of a “de facto partnership” is dissimilar to that of a “marriage” or “married couple,” many individuals do not have a full grasp of their property rights.

If you take the matter to Court, you may be awarded a share of the pooled property.

The property pool consists of items under both your and your de facto partner’s names:

  • Superannuation
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Personal debts or loans
  • Business assets
  • shares and other financial assets
  • Personal possessions, including automobiles, yachts, jewellery, and furnishings
  • Other residential real estates
  • The residence
Family Lawyers Parramatta

Can I Stop My Child from Relocating After Divorce?


Implementing parental orders or a parenting plan is the most effective method for preventing child relocation after divorce.

Typically, if there are currently court orders in place, there will also be a relocation order.

If this is the case, a parent who wishes to relocate significantly away must acquire court approval.

The Court may only grant permission if they are convinced that moving away from one parent is in the child’s best interests.

You may oppose the application to prevent the other parent from relocating and explain why a relocation order should not be issued to the Court.

If there are no parenting orders in place, call us at Family Lawyers Parramatta immediately so we can organise parenting orders that will defend your parenting rights.

Can You Still Exercise Your Parenting Rights When An AVO Is Filed Against You?

Having an AVO against you does not prohibit you from spending time with your children automatically.

However, an ADVO, once filed against you, protect not only the individual named on it but also everyone who dwells on the same property.

In addition to the protected individual, your children can also be included.

In this scenario, the offender may be prohibited from visiting their children regardless of any claims of violence against them.

When seeking interim or final parenting orders in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, having an AVO against you might limit the time you spend with your children and the frequency you can speak.

Are the allegations of violence against you unfounded? Talk to our expert AVO Family Lawyers Parramatta, to help you challenge the claims in Court. We value parents’ dedication to staying in touch with their children, and we always try to do our best to give our client’s the best possible result, so they can still be allowed to talk to their children.


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