Coming To An Agreement Outside Of Court

Documenting your agreement

You should try and avoid going through the court system and instead attempt to negotiate and mediate with your ex. It will be a lot faster and a lot cheaper for both of you.

The time it takes to resolve a property settlement is at least a year, however, it could take up to 3 or 4 years to make a final decision as to who gets allocated what. This process is time-consuming, stressful and expensive.

Coming to an agreement with your partner may be difficult but it is the faster solution. Normally, an agreement will be finalised by writing up Consent Orders.

If you reach an agreement about parenting arrangements or a property settlement, you can apply for Consent Orders. They can be used to create, stop, or change existing family law orders. The Court approves it by making it into a Court Order.

If you and your ex have reached an agreement, there are major risks to leaving this agreement as informal. A verbal or informal agreement can cause problems down the line. There can be misunderstandings, or one side can attempt to change what was agreed upon if personal circumstances change.


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