Formalise Your Agreement

Formalise Your Agreement

Once you have separated with your partner, you may think that you have a grip on the situation and that you don’t need to write up a parenting plan.

However, the situation can change very quickly. Your ex may remarry or find a new partner. They may hear from other separated couples that they are entitled to more time with their child or that you are a bad influence on the child. A parent may even decide to relocate with the child.

Any of these things can happen, leaving you in a situation where you would like to refer to a legally enforceable document that clearly identifies what to do in any given situation.

You should always try and get a parenting agreement finalised when you are on amicable terms with your ex, not once there are problems and both parties start resenting one another.

If you reach an agreement but want to keep things informal without Consent Orders, you are taking a huge risk that may costs you thousands of dollars down the line.

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