Child Support

Child support – the basics

Child support is a term used to describe the payment of money from one parent to the other for the purpose of helping the parent raise their children who are under 18 years of age.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) is run by the Federal Government and they govern the bulk of Australia’s child support agreements. They have a special formula that they use to work out how much each parent should be contributing to their child by considering the income of the parents, the cost of raising a child and how much time you spend with your child.

Some parents may think that the amount calculated by the CSA is too little and they won’t be able to look after their children. Some parents may think that they are paying too much child support and it’s an unfair burden on them. If you disagree with the amount that CSA has come up with, you can dispute it.

Some families choose not to involve the Child Support Agency and try and negotiate child support payments between each other. We recommend that such agreements are recorded in writing to avoid miscommunication or disputes in the future.

With a private agreement, as long as both parties are happy with the terms of payment, you can come to any compromise on the amount of payment, frequency and method of payment.

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