How To Prevent My Children Travelling Overseas?

How To Prevent My Children Travelling Overseas?

After a divorce, you may be worried about your children travelling overseas and not returning back to the country.

The other parent may take your child overseas either temporarily or permanently or may be taking them to a dangerous country.

You can prevent this from happening if you act quickly.

The most effective method is to obtain a Court Order for a Passenger Analysis Clearance and Evacuation System (PACE) Alert and send it to the Australian Federal Police.

This puts your child’s details on an Airport Watch List at all international departure points in Australia.

The Federal Police can stop the child from leaving Australia from a domestic terminal.

The child will remain on the Airport Watch List until a Court Order is made otherwise.

It is extremely rare that the Australian Federal Police will place a child’s name o the Airport Watch List without a valid Court Order.

The Law requires that both parents of a child must give written consent to issue a valid passport.

You can lodge a Child Alert Request with the Australian Passports Office.

This alerts the Australian Passports Office that you have not given consent to issue your child a passport.

It is a warning to the Australian Passports Office to pay special consideration to the Application, but not a guarantee that the passport will not be issued.

A Child Alert Request remains in effect for a maximum of 12 months.

You can also make an application to the court for the passport for the child to not be issued.

You will need to provide the court with reasoning as to why you believe that the child should not have a passport.

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