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4.8 Stars - Based on 74 User Reviews

Divorce & Family Lawyers in Sydney, NSW

Justice Family Lawyers are highly experienced Family Lawyers based in Sydney.

We assist our clients going through a legal separation by providing quality advice through their difficult time.

Take your time to go through our website and read our reviews from clients who will tell you about the experiences they’ve had with our firm.

Read our articles to educate yourself on your case.

Read about our team to see their achievements and personalities.

You are now in safe hands.

google logoJustice Family LawyersJustice Family Lawyers
4.8 Stars - Based on 74 User Reviews
transparent fees

A Team You Can Afford

We are transparent about how much your matter will cost.

We may charge on an hourly rate, or a fixed fee, depending on your matter.

From our first conversation, you will be given quotes on how much your matter will cost.

transparent fees

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To find the best solicitor for your case, you should speak to as many divorce lawyers in Sydney as possible.

Be direct and ask how much your matter will cost you.

A good legal professional will explain things to you carefully so that you understand your best and worst-case scenarios regarding the legal dispute between you and your spouse

When you hire the services of family lawyers in Sydney, they explain the process of separation to you and assist you in achieving the best possible outcome in relation to the property and offspring of your relationship.

Family lawyers in Sydney can potentially cost $300 – $500 per hour based on their experience.

The attorneys at Justice Family Lawyers Sydney range from $350 – $450 based on experience.

Domestic Legal Specialists

Justice Family Lawyers Sydney represent in all areas of familial legislation including:

1. Divorce applications
2. Legal guardianship
3. Consent orders
4. Binding financial agreements and prenups
5. Youth support
6. Mediation
7. Familial dispute resolution
8. Property settlements
9. Superannuation splits
10. Division of complex property structures
11. Spousal maintenance for separated couples
12. International relocation
13. Domestic relocation
14. Passport applications
15. Application for parental responsibility
16. De facto relationships


The Best Family Lawyers in Sydney

Why are we the divorce lawyers in Sydney you should be calling?

We might be biased in saying that our practice is one of the finest legal firms on offer, but we are basing this on the volume of amazing reviews that we have received.

Compared to other firms that are online, we have the highest ratings with the most amazing results.

Most importantly, our attorneys have a personal connection with our clients and are able to maintain professionalism when giving advice for the difficult time they are experiencing. Our firm is well-established and we are highly regarded family lawyers in Sydney with expertise in all facets of marriage dissolution and separation.

We provide legal advice across Australia in relation to the breakdown of people’s relationships. Solicitors at our firm are experts in providing advice and court representation in domestic legislation matters.

If you have separated, or are contemplating separating, then our team of divorce lawyers in Sydney CBD can help you and resolve the problems that often arise after separation.

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Starting with Justice Family Lawyers Sydney

During our initial consultation, we will assess your personal circumstances and provide you with tailored advice about your property entitlements. We can also take a look at your legal guardianship issues with our child custody lawyers in Sydney.

We also give you a detailed outline of the costs that you will be potentially facing depending on the complexity of the matter. In the event we are able to, we will offer you a fixed rate.

There is no obligation after your consultation if you are not completely satisfied that Justice Family Lawyers Sydney can assist you.

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Why do you need an experienced attorney?

Firstly, you may want to obtain information about the legal discipline before consulting one of the many family lawyers in Sydney.

Our website has an extensive  blog and pages that will provide a good introduction to domestic regulation in Australia.

We have provided this free resource to the public to ensure that they are informed of their rights and about familial legal matters in Australia.

The guides have been reviewed by one of our experienced attorneys.

Secondly, you may find more information on domestic matters and separation on the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court websites.

Thirdly, our YouTube Channel is also a valuable resource that has videos of our solicitors explaining different aspects of the separation process.

However, after reviewing these resources, you may want to know how these legislations apply to your specific relationship. In other words, there is not much point in knowing the legalities unless you know how it applies in your specific situation.

That is when our family lawyers Sydney can advise you as to how the judicial practice applies to your specific situation.


Domestic Legislation in Australia

There are multiple things that the Courts consider for both property and parenting matters.

Some of these factors are mentioned in the Family Law Act 1975. This act is readily accessible online for your reading.

Some of these factors are contained within judgments of previous cases that have already been established as a precedent.

Each of these factors will have different importance and weight in any particular case. Every relationship is different. There is no singular solution for every case. That is why we must look at the case legalities to see how it applies to you. Experience and knowledge are key to providing effective legal advice.


Our Family Lawyers in Sydney CBD

Our divorce lawyers in Sydney CBD are located at 203/255 Castlereagh Street Sydney 2000.

You can arrange a conference with one of our family lawyers in Sydney CBD by calling 02 8089 3148 to make an appointment.

Our attorneys act for clients at the nearby the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia in the CBD, as well as the Parramatta Family Court and Parramatta Federal Circuit Court on a regular basis and are familiar with the judges who preside in those courts.

We consistently achieve outstanding results for our cases including results in separation hearings, complex property settlements, legal guardianship, and mediation. Our child custody lawyers in Sydney are on call to ensure that their offspring have the right support from their guardian.

Justice Family Lawyers Sydney office is located within a short walking distance of the Federal Circuit Court in the CBD.

This is extremely convenient for our attorneys and clients, who may want to access certain files or documents when they are at court. It also means that in the event our solicitors are required to file an urgent application in court, they are able to do so quickly and without any geographical difficulty.

This is important in cases where you may wish to apply for an order from the court for an Airport Watch List, an urgent recovery order for a minor that has left their place of residence, an urgent spousal maintenance or interim property settlement order or an urgent hearing to ensure that an offspring of the relationship is safe and not in an abusive environment.

Our office is a 2 minute walk from Museum station or a 7 minute walk from Town Hall station. Alternatively, there are many buses nearby on Elizabeth or Liverpool Street that will allow you to access our office.

Further, there is also a Wilson parking station nearby for those who wish to drive in for their appointment.

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Mediation with Divorce Lawyers In Sydney

When you engage any of the divorce lawyers in Sydney on offer, the first step you would want to take is to engage in mediation and negotiation.

Mediation will only be successful if you are thoroughly prepared. Firstly, you must understand both your best case scenario and what your case scenario is if you were to take the matter before a court. Without understanding what you should be aiming for, it is difficult to understand what is the best outcome for your matter during the mediation.

Secondly, before starting the mediation process, your Divorce Lawyers in Sydney will explain all the costs and the time involved in preparing for a mediation.

As a result of the above two things happening prior to mediation, almost all of our matters settle at some stage during the mediation process, meaning that you are able to finalise your matter quickly and move on with your life.

We often notice that negotiations in familial legal matters can often be very emotionally charged with different interests or egos at play. Finally, we also notice that these negotiations may occur in a formal or informal manner and as a result, there may be simple discussions at home, an exchange of letters, or a round table conference.


Identifying High-Value Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

The best divorce lawyers in Sydney are those who have successfully negotiated parenting and property agreements before. Negotiation tactics are critical and are specific to each case and each personality.

Finally, our child custody lawyers in Sydney will work with you to achieve a mutually beneficial solution for the separating couple. Above all, our attorneys will also assist in structuring parenting arrangements that are youth oriented. We also offer support from our child custody lawyers in Sydney who will make sure your little ones are taken care of.

If you need help with your negotiations, help with advice about your best- or worst-case scenario, and help with writing a persuasive letter setting out your objectives, you should contact us today.

We are here to answer all your questions along the way,
and to keep you informed on the progress of your family law matter at all times.


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