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Police Process and Purpose of AVO Compliance Check

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Do the police conduct AVO compliance checks? Yes, they do.

We know from the NSW police website that in 2017, they conducted 22,000 checks to ensure that AVO’s are being complied with.

An AVO is a legal order issued in Australia to defend an individual from violence, threats, or harassment at the hands of a known offender.

The objective of AVO compliance inspections is to ensure that the subject of the order is adhering to its conditions. Doing this will prevent further acts of violence. 

AVO Compliance Check Process

During an AVO compliance check, law enforcement agencies assess an individual’s criminal history and related records to determine any past AVOs, relying on official documents and databases rather than personal visits.

This process aims to evaluate background and risks, particularly in roles involving minors, vulnerable groups, or law enforcement.

While in-person visits to the defendant are not standard, police officers may visit the protected person’s location.

They may inquire about the person’s current circumstances. Have they been threatened or intimidated by the defendant lately? Has the defendant treated them against the conditions of the AVO?

The officer may also inspect the property for evidence of violence or property damage. This will ensure that there’s no breach of the AVO conditions. 

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Reasons for AVO Compliance Check

Police conduct AVO checks to enforce Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs). This ensures that the individual subject to the order complies with its conditions.

By monitoring the defendant’s behaviour, the police can intervene if they violate the terms of the AVO. Doing this will protect the victim from potential harm. 

AVO compliance checks are required to prevent further injury to victims of domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and other forms of abuse.

Enforcing AVOs conveys a clear message that violent or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. It is also an act discouraging future violations.

Furthermore, AVO inspections are essential for preserving public safety. Individuals who are subject to AVOs may pose a threat to the safety of the community.

By monitoring their behaviour, the police can ensure they do not indulge in violent or threatening behaviour toward others.

AVO compliance checks are essential to the police’s duty to maintain public safety and keep the victims safe. By monitoring and enforcing AVOs consistently, the police can ensure that individuals subject to the order comply with its conditions. It will keep every individual and community safe. 

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Question: Do Police Do AVO compliance check?

Answer: Yes, police do AVO checks.

By conducting these inspections, police officers can monitor the defendants’ behaviour in Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs). This ensures that they comply with the terms of the orders.

The police play a crucial role in protecting the well-being of vulnerable individuals and nurturing a safer environment for all community members through vigilant enforcement and consistent monitoring.

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  1. I am not seeking legal advice, purely making a comment. The police issued an AVO against my estranged husband two years ago, after he caused significant damage to me. In that time I have never been approached by the police to see if the AVO has been infringed. The AVO has just increased my husbands resentment towards me, and he has breached it many times, though without further physical damage. He uses threats and foul language now, but no bruises, so I have no evidence. I do wonder about the efficacy of AVOs Due to certain circumstances we live separately under the same roof, so avoidance is difficult.

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