The Age You Get Married Is Important To Avoid Divorce

age of marriage is relevant

If you have been wondering what age is the best to get married to avoid divorce, you’re in luck.

A recent report claims the ideal age to head down the aisle is between 28 and 32.

Although teens still face a high divorce risk relative to older adults, the data shows that those who tie the knot after 32 are now more likely to divorce than those who walk down the aisle in their late twenties.

University of Utah sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger discovered those who married in their late 20’s and early 30’s were more likely to stay together.

‘The odds of divorce decline as you age from your teenage years through your late twenties and early thirties,” says Wolfinger.

“Thereafter, the chances of divorce go up again as you move into your late thirties and early forties.”

The data shows that delaying marriage for each year after 32 increases your chance of divorce by approximately five per cent.

Divorce Statistics Australia

The study puts forth several reasons for this conclusion.

“The kinds of people who wait till their thirties to get married may be the kinds of people who aren’t predisposed toward doing well in their marriages,” says Wolfinger.

For instance, some people naturally have trouble with interpersonal relationships.

Those people will often delay marriage, possibly because they can’t find anyone willing to marry them due to their personality traits.

If they do manage to then walk down the aisle, their marriages are automatically at high risk for divorce.

If you were to think about this logically, those people who marry later on in life may face a pool of potential spouses that have been sieved down to a high number of people who are predisposed to fail at marriage.

Another reason for the increased possibility of a divorce is put forward by the Institute of Family Studies in the USA.

They suggest that the logic for marriages between 28 to 32 to work is that people are usually financially stable and much more independent than in their early years.

It’s also possible that some of the modern alternatives to marriage are too successful at convincing people to not tie the knot.

Maybe some of the thirty-somethings who would have made good spouses now feel perfectly comfortable being single, or living with partners out of wedlock.

Young adults don’t need to married to have sex lives and are free to live with their partners out of wedlock.

Divorce In Australia – What you need to file a no-fault divorce in Australia


In Australia, the Family Law Act 1975  established a ‘no-fault divorce’ system in Australian.

The process for divorce is universal across all of the states and territories of Australia.

This means that you do not need to explain to a court or to any governing body why you want a divorce.

To file an Application you must:

  • prove that you have been separated for a period of no less than 12 months
  • have been married for more than 2 years OR have been married for less than 2 years but have attended the required counselling with the Family Court

In the latest 2016 Australian Census, the median age of males and females at divorce was 45.5 and 42.9 years respectively.

This was an increase of 0.2 years for both males and females from 2015.

The median term of marriage to divorce in 2016 was 12.0 years. This was a slight decrease from 12.1 years reported in 2015.


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