How long does a divorce take in Australia

How long does a divorce take in Australia

If you are wanting to know, how long does a divorce take in Australia, then you will be happy to know that it takes roughly four months to be legally granted by the court. 

If one party disagrees with divorce, the procedure will take longer and produce more stress.


How long does a divorce take in Australia

If you are wondering, how long does a divorce takes in Australia, then you may also want advice about property settlements and child custody.

While you may be tempted to file for divorce as quickly as possible, the time limit for a property and asset split is based on when your divorce gets approved.

When one of the parties to the divorce disagrees with it, or when a disputed divorce occurs, the time it takes to finalise lengthens. The court will put your divorce application on hold if it is completed wrongly.


Can I get married before my divorce takes place in Australia?

When remarrying, make sure you’ve given yourself enough time for your divorce to be finalized and that you’ve waited until your divorce has been confirmed in court. T

his is because it is prohibited in Australia to remarry before a judge has issued a divorce decree.

If you do, your remarriage will be illegal, and you will have committed the crime of bigamy.

Bigamy is when a person marries someone else while remaining married to someone else.

In all Australian states and territories, bigamy is a criminal offense.

The original statute was slightly revised on December 7, 2017, to redefine marriage in Australia as “the union of two individuals to the exclusion of all others, willingly entered into for life.”

The rules and conditions for a legitimate marriage have not changed.


What is the cost of getting a divorce?

The cost of getting a divorce is about $2,000 if you use the services of a law firm. Because various lawyers charge different fees, you should always get an estimate before proceeding with any services.

There is also an application cost to pay, which is roughly $940, and you are unlikely to be in a better position without competent guidance. When in doubt, always seek the advice of an expert, even if it comes at a cost.


What to avoid doing during a divorce

As with practically everything else in life, there are critical errors to avoid.

Failure to make educated judgments will lengthen the divorce process.

No matter how good your coworkers’ intentions are, do not take divorce counsel from family and friends.

If you are wondering, how long does a divorce takes in Australia, then you should definitely seek the advice of a family lawyer.

They will be able to explain your rights under Australian law.

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