Going to Court

Deciding to go to court

If mediation fails and you can’t reach a settlement with your former partner outside of court, you will have to start an application in court for the orders you want.

Alternatively, you could be served with a court application and be told that you need to go to court on a particular date to appear in front of a judge.

Remember that everything you say, do, write, text, email or post on Facebook about can become evidence in court. Do your best not to say things that may affect your case or may affect how a judge views your character.

The court is there to make a decision on how to divide property and how to divide the time of the children between their parents. They are not there to compensate or punish you for what occurred during your relationship.

Always show respect when you are in a court room. You should be prepared and not waste any of the courts time, this means turning up on time and having all of your notes and documents organised in an intuitive filing system.

Finally, remember that you should always follow court orders even if you don’t agree with them. Breaking them will anger the court and may cost you money or time with your children.

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