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Our family lawyers have taken the time to compile a wide range of family law tips on a range of issues that you may be experiencing.

Our website is full of information to help you understand the family law process and to make educated decisions at this difficult time.

divorce emotionsIf you are going through a break-up or divorce, you may feel be feeling a whole range of emotions. Our family lawyers will assist you with what needs to be done to ensure your rights are protected, and the matter is resolved in a timely manner. Every case is different, so you will need to get tailored advice to your specific situation.

Some people don’t’ need to take their family dispute to court. We may be able to reach a mutual agreement with your ex-partner and save you both a lot of time and money.

In the instance that you need to go to court, our professional family law team are ready to start or respond to any matter in relation to your children, your property or even your pets.

separatedIf you separate you will need to make some urgent decisions about practical issues concerning your children and your assets.

You may not be able to agree to everything immediately on a permanent basis. However, you may need to come to an agreement on a temporary basis, or else apply to the court for interim orders.

Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Where will your children live?
  • How will you support your children?
  • Who will be paying the bills?
  • Where will you both live?
  • What will happen to any joint bank accounts?
  • What will happen to the house & car?
  • Are there any issues with ADVO’s or Police involvement?

We believe that we can empower the Australian public through information to help them defend their rights and achieve justice.

How our family lawyers can assist you

Our lawyers have years of experience in dealing with family law cases and have helped compile our family law tips that you can read on our website.

family lawyersRemember if you have a question, you can contact our family lawyers for advice by phone or make an enquiry on our website and we will get back to you straight away.


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