Family Lawyers Melbourne

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Family Lawyers Melbourne


Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne provide expert advice about all matters in relation to familial legal matters and divorce.

Our values: Our attorneys have a personal connection with our clients but maintain professional advice for the difficult time they are experiencing.

We assist people across Australia in relation to the breakdown of their relationships.

If you are thinking about separating or have already separated, then our team of child custody lawyers in Melbourne can help you and resolve the problems promptly and in a cost-efficient manner.

See our real reviews and testimonials about our solicitors from actual clients.


Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne are proficient in all areas of familial legislation including:


1. Divorce applications
2. Legal guardianship
3. Consent orders
4. Binding financial agreements and prenups
5. Youth support
6. Domestic mediation
7. Familial dispute resolution
8. Property settlements
9. Superannuation splits
10. Division of complex property structures
11. Spousal maintenance for separated couples
12. International relocation
13. Domestic relocation
14. Passport applications
15. Application for parental responsibility
16. De facto relationships


The Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne offices are located at Level 4, 271 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

A conference can be arranged at this location by appointment only.

We act for clients who may be involved in either mediation or in ongoing court proceedings at the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Our offices are a 5-minute walk from Southern Cross station and also close to numerous tram stops in the CBD area.

We also have family lawyers in Brighton and an office located at 13/214 Bay Street Brighton, Victoria.


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Learn what steps you can take next

How much does a family lawyer in Melbourne cost?


On your first appointment, you will need to discuss fees and estimates for your case. Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne will be upfront about their charges and give clear advice about costs.

Your attorney will probably only be able to provide an estimation of fees, as much depends upon when your matter resolves, and whether or not the other side is reasonable during the proceedings.

Rest assured, even though you will only receive a fee estimate and not an exact quotation, this is crucial information for you to have early on.  Remember, if your solicitor doesn’t raise the topic of fees, then you should ask about potential costs.

Also, it may be easy to look at hourly rates as a way to judge how much a legal professional could potentially cost.  However, an expert solicitor will have a higher hourly rate because they are more efficient in what they do, and their final bill may be less than an attorney with a lower hourly rate. Secondly, the best child custody lawyers in Melbourne should help you achieve a good financial result in a property settlement that using their services pays for itself.

Finally, remember that good service is priceless during a rocky period of your life, and you want to feel like you are being looked after.
Your legal advisor should help you feel comfortable and informed as to the progress of your matter.

By following these steps, you can select Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne early on in your matter.

Making the right choice will make the whole separation process smoother, allowing you to move on with your life.;


Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne


We are skilled negotiators and highly experienced in litigation, which means we are prepared to secure a favourable outcome for you whether it’s through mediation or in the courtroom. Our primary goal is to help you resolve your legal issues and transition into the next stage of your life.

In addition to our legal services for separation matters, we also have the finest child custody lawyers Melbourne has to offer.

The previously mentioned blog contains a good introduction to domestic legislation in Australia. We have provided this free resource to ensure that you are informed of your rights. The guides have been reviewed by one of our experienced child custody in Melbourne.

Secondly, we strongly advise you to look at the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court websites. They have a lot of content and information about dissolution, annulment, and separation processes in Australia.

Thirdly, our YouTube Channel is an extremely useful resource that has videos of our divorce lawyers in Melbourne explaining the separation process. However, after reviewing these resources, you may want to know how these legislations applies to your specific relationship. Really, there is not much point in knowing the legalities unless you know how it applies to your specific situation. That is when Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne can advise you as to how these regulations apply to your specifications.


Your Local Family Lawyers in Melbourne


Justice Family Lawyers Melbourne office is a short walking distance from the CBD.

It is close to the Magistrate Court, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia

We are the premium choice for child custody lawyers in Melbourne, ones that you can trust. Our firm is based on the principles of personal connection with our clients and providing a professional service. Our solicitors give tailored advice specific to your case, and always takes your particular circumstances into account.


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