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Family Lawyers Bondi

At Family Lawyers Bondi, we value the following:

Integrity: We believe that honesty and strong moral beliefs are essential in dealing with clients.
We recognise that family law proceedings can be emotionally sensitive.
With that, we are committed to treating every client with the utmost courtesy and compassion.
Timeliness: We understand time is precious. That’s why we strive to give our clients the attention and assistance they need in a prompt manner.
Professionalism: We adhere to the utmost standards of competence and professional conduct.
We are unwaveringly dedicated to defending the best interests of our clients.
Family Lawyers Bondi is a team of knowledgeable family lawyers guided by a strong sense of ethics.
Cost-effectivity: We were able to provide our past clients with high-quality legal services at a fair price. Having a concrete plan made it happen. This, in return, made our services more accessible to a broader range of clients.
Family Lawyers Bondi
Settling matters outside court: Family law cases are often delicate and private matters.
Settling out of court can safeguard a client’s privacy. It can also prevent case information from becoming public information.
Settlement out of court also provides clients with greater influence over the outcome of their case.
With that, clients can engage with their lawyers. The opposing parties can then arrive at a mutual agreement on all family disputes.
From divorce and child custody to property division and alimony, we offer the services you need to obtain the best possible outcome.
Our staff is dedicated to advocating for your entitlements and rights. At every stage of the legal process, we’re here to help you navigate with confidence.
Contact Family Lawyers Bondi immediately to book a consultation. Take the first step towards a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Types of Family Law Matters We Can Address

As a family law firm, we can assist with a vast array of family-related issues that affect everyone’s lives. These are some instances of family issues we could potentially address:
Divorce and Separation: Family Lawyers Bondi assists in the divorce and separation process. This includes problems pertaining to property distribution, alimony, child custody, and child support. 
Child Custody and Visitation: Family Lawyers Bondi also helps with child custody and visitation issues. Ensuring that the kid’s best interests are prioritised.
Child Support: We can assist clients in navigating the complexity of child support. This includes the choice of suitable support levels and the enforcement of child support orders.
Adoption: We are able to assist customers with all facets of the adoption process. This includes the adoption of babies, stepchildren, and foster children.
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Family Lawyers Bondi
Domestic Violence: We can assist clients in obtaining protection orders for domestic abuse.
We also offer assistance and resources to help clients manage the emotional and legal hurdles they can experience.
De Facto Relationships: We can help partners in a de facto relationship know their rights and advocate for them.
Same-sex Marriage and Divorce: We take pride in providing comprehensive legal services designed for same-sex couples.
Family Lawyers Bondi is well-versed in the intricacies of same-sex marriage and divorce.
We also ensure that our clients receive the guidance and support they need during these life-changing events.
Wills and Estates: Family Lawyers Bondi also provides wills and estates services. We specialize in advising individuals with the formation and administration of their estates.
This involves drafting wills and trusts and arranging for the transfer of assets. Also included in it is reducing tax responsibilities.
Another is naming guardians for small children. These services help ensure deceased person’s assets are dispersed according to their desires.
We also provide representation in the event that disputes or legal difficulties occur throughout the estate administration process.

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How Long Does It Take To Contest A Will?

When a loved one dies, and you believe you have been wrongfully disinherited, you will want to know how long it takes to dispute a will.
There are various procedures involved in challenging a will. All of which must be completed within a time restriction in order for the case to be examined by a court.
Your claim to dispute a will must be filed within one year of the decedent’s date of death.
The time required to dispute a will relies on the attitudes of the parties and their willingness to compromise.
Typically, the procedure takes between three months and two years to complete. If the case is taken to court and heard by a judge, it will take around two years.
Not everyone can dispute a will, and interested parties must fulfill certain criteria in order to file a claim.
Contesting a will may be a difficult legal procedure. Different Australian states have different regulations.
If you feel you are entitled to file a claim, you should contact the experienced legal counsel of Family Lawyers Bondi immediately.
Family Lawyers Bondi

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

In July 2021, the cost will increase from the current $930You may be eligible for a reduced filing cost if you have certain government concession cards.
This includes a pensioner concession card or a Commonwealth seniors health card. You can also show financial difficulties.
The current filing fee reduction in June 2021 is $310 per document. The divorce filing fee can be paid online via the Commonwealth Courts Online or in court registries by EFTPOS, debit card, or credit card.
You may pay by mail with a Visa or Mastercard using the credit card payment form. Not only is a divorce petition subject to a filing fee, but so are several other types of paperwork.
There are costs for all forms of court petitions, including initial applications, consent orders, and temporary orders.
  • you must be in possession of a concession card or
  • demonstrate financial stress.
Paying the filing cost for the divorce petition is unlikely to be the sole expense incurred while pursuing a divorce.
When you can’t reach an agreement over funds or parenting plans, you may need to petition the court for financial or parenting orders.
If you agree regarding finances and parenting, you may want to seek for consent orders to formalise these arrangements.
There is a filing cost for consent orders. If you seek lawyer advice concerning your divorce before filing for it, you will incur legal fees.
As a result, it is difficult to determine the cost of divorce since it varies on the particular circumstances and decisions of each individual.


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