Spice Girl keeps 5 yr old Daughter away from her father

Mel B asks a court in Los Angeles to keep her daughter away from her father accused her husband Stephen Belafonte of posing a danger to their five-year-old daughter due to his ‘extensive criminal history.’

At a court hearing in Los Angeles, Belafonte was accused of inviting a convicted killer into the family home. The killer had been served 8 years in prison, and Belafonte allowed him to sleep in his daughter’s bed.

Earlier this month, the former Spice Girl Mel B was granted an AVO against her ex-husband. She accused him of physical and emotional abuse throughout their 10-year marriage.

At the last court date, the judge said he’d allow Belafonte to see his daughter if the visits were supervised.

Mel B’s lawyer told the court Belafonte was involved in the importation of women from other countries to work in the porn industry as well as ‘possible money laundering’.

Belafonte’s lawyers said the list of allegations was ‘outrageous and unfounded’.

The divorce hearing is expected to last 10 to 15 days and will take place later this year.

So what can you do if your ex is a criminal and they still want contact with your children?

Remember if there are court orders in place and you breach an order there can be serious consequences.

If your ex is in breach of an order affecting your children, you can make an application to the Court.

The Court takes breaches of its orders very seriously. You could be referred to a parenting program, fined, made to provide catch up” time with the child, or even face gaol.

When a breach occurs, the non-complying parent may show a reasonable excuse. E.g. your ex is a criminal and you suspect that your child could be in danger because they’re exposed to criminal elements.