Filing A Response

Filing A Response to an Initiating Application

It can be quite an uncomfortable feeling when you receive court forms telling you that you need to go to court on a particular date to appear in front of a judge.

You should read through the Initiating Application and Affidavit carefully, then you will need to file the following:

Response to Initiating Application – You use this form because you disagree with the orders sought by your ex-partner and you want the court to make different orders or no orders at all.

Affidavit – This is a supporting statement that details your version of events and is in line with your Response. It should also respond to the affidavit that was filed with the initiating application.

Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk of Family Violence – this needs to be filed only if you are seeking parenting orders. It is to put the court on notice that there may be a risk to the children involved in the court proceedings.

Financial Statement – If you are going to court for a financial matter, you will need to file this document. You will need to fill in information about your current financial situation.