4 Tricks To Ensure You Have the Absolute Worst Divorce Ever

4 Tricks To Ensure You Have the Absolute Worst Divorce Ever

Disclaimer: We don’t advise you to have bad divorces, we promote amicable divorces where both sides behave appropriately. But if you want to know what-not-to-do, read below:

Put everything out there on social media

Explain why you’re right and tell everyone why your ex is wrong! Don’t be afraid to post bad photos and abusive language.

Not only will you embarrass yourself in front of your social circle, but these days, Facebook vents find their way into affidavits which are used in evidence in court proceedings, causing significant damage to your case.


Hide Your Finances

Hiding property and assets is a great way to delay the legal process, cost you more money and get an order from the court for you to pay additional costs to your ex.

Most of the time – property and assets will be traced back to you.

If they’re discovered after the settlement, you risk having the whole settlement set aside, and having to start all over again, with a costs order against you and no credibility in future negotiations.

So if you want to lose all credibility and pay a lot more in legal fees – hide your finances.

Don’t take any advice

Argue everything and be aggressive. Fighting emotionally and aggressively is the best method to ensure you have the worst divorce ever.

Conflict usually involves high emotion and often anger. For lawyers, separating the people from the problem can be hard.

It can be a problem for the parties, but more critically, for children. They are vulnerable and can experience extreme stress if parents are unable to resolve their conflict.

Use your children as hostages

Make your children feel sorry for you. Tell them that your world has fallen apart, their world has fallen apart and that life will never be the same again.

Kidnap them from school and don’t abide by child custody agreements. Don’t forget to abuse your ex-partner in front of them repeatedly.

My personal favourite, don’t forget to abuse your ex-partner in front of them repeatedly.

Hope you all have an unhappy divorce 🙂

Hayder Shkara
Hayder Shkara

Principal of Justice Family Lawyers, Hayder specialises in complex parenting and property family law matters. He is based in Sydney and holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Communications from UTS.

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