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How to Get More Time with Your Child as a Father

How to get more time with your child as a father

7 Legal Steps: How to Get More Time with Your Child as a Father

How to get more time with your child as a father?

Quality time with your child is invaluable. As a father, fostering a deep, nurturing bond with your child can sometimes feel challenging, especially if you’re co-parenting or there’s no explicit custody agreement between you and your ex-spouse.

This guide will provide some tips on how to get more time with your child as a father.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get More Time with Your Child as a Father

Step 1: Understand the Law

In Australia, the Family Law Act 1975 maintains that the child’s best interests should be the primary consideration in all parenting arrangements.

Understanding this legislation is crucial on how to get more time with your child as a father.

This law underscores the principle that children can enjoy a meaningful relationship with both parents whenever it is safe and practical.

If you’re considering requesting a change in your current agreement, understanding your legal standing as a father is the first step.

Step 2: Document Your Involvement

Evidence of your commitment as a parent can significantly help your case on how to get more time with your child as a father.

Keep a detailed record of all the activities, school meetings, doctor’s appointments, or any other involvement you have with your child.

This evidence could include photos, correspondences with school authorities, medical records, or even written testimonials from people who’ve seen you interacting with your child.

This diligent documentation will be beneficial if your parenting arrangement is reviewed in court.

Step 3: Propose a Realistic Plan

As a father desiring more time with your child, proposing a thoughtful and practical plan can make a difference.

This should consider your child’s daily routines, school schedules, extra-curricular activities, and emotional needs.

Demonstrating that you’ve deemed logistical details, such as transportation or childcare if needed, shows the court that you’re serious and prepared for an increased role in your child’s life.

Step 4: Foster a Healthy Relationship with the Other Parent

Co-parenting successfully can positively impact your chances on how to get more time with your child as a father.

Maintaining respectful communication, resolving disagreements amicably, and aligning your parenting strategies can contribute to a more harmonious relationship with your child’s other parent.

This cooperation benefits you and your child and signals to the court that the child’s best interests are being prioritised.

Step 5: Attend Important Events

Your presence at important events in your child’s life, such as school functions, sports days, or even birthday parties, is essential.

Consistently attending these events shows your engagement and commitment as a parent.

It signals to your child that you’re interested in their life, and if it comes to a court decision, it demonstrates that you are an involved and supportive father.

Step 6: Seek Mediation or Legal Advice

If informal negotiations aren’t successful, consider family dispute resolution or mediation.

A mediator can help facilitate constructive discussions between you and the other parent.

If these measures fail to yield a satisfactory agreement, consult a family law attorney.

An experienced lawyer can provide the necessary guidance and advice on your rights as a father and the next steps you can take.

Step 7: Be Patient and Persevere

Building a solid relationship with your child is a journey, not a destination. It requires patience, consistency, and resilience.

If getting more time with your child is slower than you’d like, remain steadfast. Continue consistently expressing your love, support, and interest in your child’s life.

Over time, your efforts will create a strong bond, and this dedication will not go unnoticed in any potential custody evaluations.

Triumph Over Trials: A Father’s Journey to Reclaiming Time with His Children

A client approached the Justice Family Lawyer team, driven by the hope of spending more time with his children.

The court had previously granted full custody to the mother due to his mental health struggles during their divorce, in line with the children’s best interests.

Our team saw the transformation in the client. He sought therapy, managed his mental health issues successfully, and maintained stable employment for five years. He was ready for the next step: how to get more time with his child as a father.

Justice Family Lawyers championed his cause, presenting a comprehensive plan illustrating his commitment to the well-being of his children.

We put forth substantial evidence to show his improved stability, mental health progress, and continuous dedication as a father.

This case serves as a testament to the possibility of change and the enduring spirit of parenthood.

Struggling With How To Get More Time With Your Child As A Father? 

At Justice Family Lawyers, we’re committed to helping fathers reclaim their rightful place in their children’s lives. Contact us today, and let’s navigate this journey together. Your first consultation is on us.

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  1. You’re actively seeking ways to strengthen your bond with your child, and that’s truly commendable. Your dedication and commitment to being a more involved father are inspiring. Be brave fathers!

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