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Child Dispute Conference – 5 Critical Points You Should Know

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Understanding the Ins and Outs of a Child Dispute Conference

The Child Dispute Conference is a significant mechanism in family law. It’s a court-ordered gathering designed to resolve issues revolving around children during a family dispute.

As of 2023, the CDC has been replaced with a Child Impact Report.

The conference involves the parties to the dispute and a Family Consultant, who is a court-appointed expert with a background in social work, psychology, or counselling.

This process aims to ensure the children’s welfare and encourage compromise between the disputing parties. Understanding this procedure is crucial as it paves the way to a more harmonious resolution, ultimately serving the children’s best interests.

Definition and Purpose of the Child Dispute Conference or Child Impact Report

A Child Dispute Conference or Child Impact Report is a court-ordered report within family law intended to facilitate discussion on issues related to children’s welfare.

Its primary objective is to assess the family situation, identify children’s needs, and resolve conflicts concerning parenting arrangements.

The key participants include the parents and a Family Consultant, usually a psychologist or social worker acknowledged as an expert by the court.

This professional’s role is to probe into the issues, explore the needs of the children, and help the parties negotiate an agreement if possible.

The insights gained from the conference are critical for informing court decisions and ensuring they align with the children’s best interests.


The Role of a Family Consultant

Who is a Family Consultant?

A Family Consultant is a court-appointed professional, usually with a background in psychology or social work. They are recognised as experts in dealing with family and children’s matters.

Qualifications and Role of a Family Consultant

Background and Expertise: Family Consultants typically hold degrees in psychology, social work, or related fields. Their academic and professional experiences make them adept at understanding and managing family dynamics.

Neutral Mediator: Family Consultants play an essential role as neutral mediators in a Child Dispute Conference. They engage with each party separately to hear their concerns and perspectives without bias.

Court Liaison: They act as a bridge between the court and the parties involved, providing vital insights to the court about the family’s situation and the children’s needs.

The Family Consultant’s Part in the Conference

Exploring Issues: One of their main tasks is to identify and delve into the disputed matters between parents. They also ascertain the child’s needs and their experiences in the family context.

Assessing Risk Factors: Family Consultants evaluate potential risks associated with each party’s care arrangements, taking into account the child’s safety and well-being.

Facilitating Agreements: They endeavour to assist parents in reaching a mutually agreed-upon parenting arrangement. If a consensus can’t be reached, their findings serve as a critical input for the court’s decision-making process.

Preparing for a Child Dispute Conference or Child Impact Report

Mental and Emotional Preparation

Understanding the Context: Recognize that the conference’s focus is on the child’s best interests and not the contention between parents. Going in with the mindset of reaching a compromise can be beneficial.

Stress Management: The conference may discuss emotionally charged issues. Preparing mentally and emotionally for these discussions can help you better articulate your points and keep the focus on your child’s welfare.

Understanding the Process

  • Initial Meeting: Know that separate interviews with each parent will be conducted by the Family Consultant to gather necessary information.
  • Risk Assessment: The Family Consultant will assess any risk factors associated with each party
  • Mandatory Attendance: According to the court’s order, you must attend the Child Dispute Conference. Non-attendance may result in delays and additional costs.
  • Rescheduling: The conference time can only be changed under exceptional circumstances. If you’re unable to attend, promptly inform the relevant authorities to minimize disruptions.

After a Child Dispute Conference

Following a Child Dispute Conference, several key steps unfold. A vital outcome is the Family Consultant’s creation of the report, a detailed document outlining the assessment of the family’s situation.

The Memorandum serves as a comprehensive guide for the court, assisting in making informed decisions regarding child arrangements.

It includes essential details like the needs of the child, risk factors, and potential avenues for agreement among the parties.

Notably, this document remains confidential and cannot be shared with others, even family members or supportive individuals present at the conference.

While not legally binding, the Memorandum carries substantial weight in court proceedings and can significantly aid in devising plans, such as preparing consent orders.


Challenging the Family Consultant’s Report

There may be situations where a party finds the Family Consultant’s report unfavourable or believes it doesn’t accurately represent the family dynamics and the children’s best interests. In such instances, it’s important to know that these reports can be challenged.

This typically involves raising questions about the methodology or interpretations made by the Family consultant or presenting additional evidence that counters the conclusions drawn in the report.

In these potentially complex situations, having a detailed discussion with your family lawyer is crucial. They can guide you on the best strategies to contest the findings, ensuring your perspective and the children’s welfare remain at the forefront of the court’s considerations.

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