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If you have been served with an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) or are considering obtaining one, it is essential to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer. 

AVO Lawyers Parramatta is a team of skilled and dedicated lawyers who can assist you with all aspects of AVO proceedings. 

avo lawyers parramatta

Why You Need AVO Lawyers Parramatta

AVOs are serious legal proceedings that can significantly impact your life. 

They can affect your ability to see your children, enter your own home, or even find employment. 

If you have been served with an AVO, you need to take the matter seriously.

You can seek our legal advice and representation at AVO Lawyers Parramatta.

AVO Lawyers Parramatta has extensive experience in dealing with different facets of AVOs. Our team of expert lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and obligations. 

We will also assist you in preparing your case. We will work tirelessly to advocate for your rights to be protected.

How AVO Lawyers Parramatta Can Help You

At AVO Lawyers Parramatta, we understand the stress and anxiety of being involved in an AVO matter.

AVO Lawyers Parramatta is here to guide you through the legal process and help you move on with your life.

Here are some of the ways that we can assist you:

Legal Advice and Representation


AVO Lawyers Parramatta can provide you with legal advice that is tailored to your specific situation. 

We will explain the legal process, your rights and obligations, and the possible outcomes. We can also represent you in court and ensure your case is presented in the best possible light.

avo lawyers parramatta
avo lawyers parramatta

Negotiation and Mediation


Resolving the matter without going to court may be possible in some cases. This is through the mediation process

The team at AVO Lawyers Parramatta is skilled negotiators. We can help you and the other party develop an agreement that suits your situation. 


Court Representation


AVO Lawyers Parramatta will represent you if your AVO case goes to court

We are to ensure that your case is presented well and with evidence. We will thoroughly review and prepare your case to give you the best representation.

Learn what steps you can take next.

What Is The Difference Between A DVO And An AVO?


The difference between a DVO and an AVO resides in the relationship between the protected individual and the defendant.

Under the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 No. 80, a DVO may be issued when the person being protected and the person being ordered against have a domestic or family relationship. 

This includes relationships such as being spouses, partners, family members, or cohabitants.

A DVO’s purpose is to stop the offender from harming or abusing the victim further.

On the other hand, an AVO is granted when there is no domestic or familial link between the protected person and the subject of the order. 

If there are concerns about violence and other sorts of threatening behaviour, you may seek an AVO against a neighbour, coworker, or stranger who stalksharasses, or threatens you.

Talk to our team at AVO Lawyers Parramatta if you’re considering AVO or DVO applications. We will assist you in the best possible way we can. 

avo lawyers parramatta

Can A Protected Person Break The AVO They Filed?

A protected person cannot be charged with breaching an AVO against a defendant that they filed.

Nonetheless, a protected person can still suffer legal punishments. This happens when they wilfully and repeatedly violate the AVO’s stipulations.

The following potential outcomes are possible:

  • If the protected personl violates the AVO, it might jeopardise their case against the defendant. It can even lead to the court canceling the AVO. 
  • If the court sees that the protected person does not have a legitimate fear of the defendant or that the defendant will misbehave, it may decide to revoke the AVO. 

This can be devastating for the covered individual, as the AVO no longer provides legal protection.

If the AVO is broken, the defendant and the protected person may face legal repercussions.

Depending on the severity of the offence, this may carry penalties or imprisonment.

If an AVO is breached, the credibility of the covered person may deteriorate. This will particularly affect the court’s decision on the AVO they are pursuing against the perpetrator. 

The court may view the protected individual’s behaviour as hypocritical. This will also make it more challenging for them to get an AVO in the future.

If the protected individual breaches the AVO frequently, the police may withdraw protection.

Because the police may consider the protected individual as not taking the order seriously, or they may exploit the AVO for personal advantage.

Is the victim always breaking the AVO stipulations they filed against you?

Contact us at AVO Lawyers Parramatta immediately. We will act on this matter with a sense of urgency. 

avo lawyers parramatta

What Can A Defendant Do Against A Victim Continuously Harassing Them?


If the defendant believes the PINOP is harassing them, they may inform the police.

In such circumstances, the police may prosecute the protected person for stalking, intimidation, or using a conveyance service to exploit the situation.

If the protected person intimidates the defendant in an AVO, the defendant may find it difficult to comply with the terms of the order.

A protected person may attempt to harass you with the expectation that you violate your AVO. Prison time can occur from violating an AVO.

avo lawyers parramatta

If you find yourself in this situation, follow the procedures below:


  • It is essential to document any incidences of intimidation conducted by the protected individual. This includes text messages, phone conversations, and in-person interactions. If you must report the protected individual’s behaviour to the court, the documentation will be essential.
  • If you feel threatened or intimidated by the protected person, you must contact the police immediately. The police can undertake an investigation and provide direction for further steps. If the protected individual violates the AVO, they can also take action against them.
  • If you have difficulty complying with the AVO due to the protected person’s behaviour, you should obtain legal counsel. A lawyer can provide direction and, if necessary, represent you in court.
  • Request a change to the AVO: If the protected person’s actions make it difficult for you to comply with the AVO, you may be able to request a modification. A variant can modify the terms of a contract to make it more practical for both parties.
  • If you feel endangered, you must take steps to defend yourself immediately. This may entail changing your phone number, restricting access to the protected individual’s social media accounts, or even relocating.

Once you have all the evidence to prove the victim is harassing you, come to us at AVO Lawyers Parramatta. Let’s plan your course of action to protect your rights. 


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