Carlos Junchao Li

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Carlos Junchao Li

Carlos Li is a diligent, hard-working, and clever solicitor who specializes in family law, conveyancing, property settlements and wills and estate.

His eye for detail and studious nature make him a very sharp and on-point solicitor, assisting clients in their property transfers, in accordance with Family Court Orders, as well as purchases and sales. He is able to negotiate effectively, and he reviews documents and contracts with care and ensures clients are satisfied and their interests protected.

He also carefully helps clients through their sale or transfer of property, answering questions and ensuring that they are well-informed and looked after along the way.

Carlos has a Juris Doctor in Law from the University of New South Wales, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from overseas. He speaks numerous languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese, and can communicate with to assist clients from many backgrounds and ethnicities.

His qualifications, wide-spread knowledge, and intelligence are very impressive to all our clients.

Clients that have Carlos as their solicitor can rest trusting that their matter is being tended to with diligence and care.

Carlos is a culturally immersed person and enjoys traveling and learning languages. In his spare time, he likes to read and gain more knowledge about different aspects of the world.

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